ESLR's - Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
Robertson students will:
1.   Demonstrate good citizenship and respect for diversity
2.   Think critically and solve problems
3.   Possess a post-high school transition plan
4.   Communicate effectively in writing and speech
5.   Demonstrate self-motivation and time management

Robertson High School Vision Statement


Education (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment)

            We will:

  • provide a rigorous standards-based curriculum with measurable daily lesson objectives

  • focus on student mastery/learning  

  • embed technology into various aspects of the curriculum/instruction

  • differentiate instructional strategies to engage our students

  • have high expectations of ourselves and our students

  • use a variety of formative and summative assessments to provide timely feedback and correctives to students and to refine our instructional practices

  • collaborate in cross-curricular teams to co-plan/co-teach thematic units


School Environment (Safety, Culture, Climate)

We will:

  • promote a safe and respectful school environment by modeling positive communication, exhibiting respectful behaviors, and developing a climate where all are welcome and safe.

  • provide effective character education classes, student leadership and peer advocacy programs

    • ensure that there are multiple and varied events/programs that recognize and reward student growth and citizenship at school and in the community

    • strongly advocate for improved nutrition on campus and emphasize healthy living by collaborating with experts from the school district, local businesses, and other organizations

    • create and maintain a school garden and recycling program with a focus on sustainability, composting, and zero waste

    • complete campus beautification projects at least twice per year that add color and enhance the physical environment of the school

    • develop a safety plan and regularly train students and staff to implement it in the event of an emergency


Community Relations (All Stakeholders)

We will:

  • create partnerships with all parents by regularly hosting parent educational workshops/seminars where childcare and interpreters are provided

  • regularly communicate in a variety of ways with all stakeholders and actively seek their feedback via surveys, questionnaires, evaluation forms, etc.