Michael Cross, Counselor - 7th Grade    Michael Cross, 7th Grade Counselor                     
(510) 656-7211 x 28120
Anita Yepez, Counselor - 8th Grade   Anita Yepez, 8th Grade Counselor
(510) 656-7211 x 28154

The counseling department at Walters Junior High is dedicated to assisting students with their academic, social, emotional and personal needs.  In addition, our counselor provide conflict management between students, preventing student conflicts from escalating.  Students can refer themselves for counseling by filling out a "Counselor Request Form" found in classrooms, the main office, or the library.

Also, parents, teachers, administrators, or other students may refer a student to the counselors. Counseling gives students an opportunity to talk about problems, or whatever is on their mind, in a supportive and confidential setting.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the counselors if they have concerns regarding their student's academic or social progress or if they would like information regarding referring their student to the Student Study Team (SST) process.



Last Modified on August 25, 2016