FAC Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Financial Advisory Committee are as follows:
  • Develop processes and procedures for obtaining community and employee organization input regarding financial matters of the District.
  • Develop and submit recommendations for improving communications and understanding of the District's financial condition by the community and employee organizations.
  • Serve as a working committee or appoint subcommittees as necessary to study needed programs and services of the District as related to financial matters and serve as an informational resource regarding state legislation on educational finance.
  • Recommend to the Board of Education and the Superintendent items to be included or excluded from the District's budget considerations.

The FAC continuously seeks comments and questions from parents and other community members about school budget and finance. The Financial Advisory Committee is intended as the avenue through which the Board will hear the voices of all concerned parties before making financial decisions.

For further information about the FAC, call the FUSD Community Relations Department at 510-659-2594. For detailed information about FUSD finances, visit the Business Services heading on this web site.